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Where is Grayton Beach?
Grayton Beach is a small, historic beach village on the Florida Panhandle Gulf coast halfway between Destin and Panama City. Grayton Beach is in the center of a 20-mile long stretch of spectacular beaches, with rugged dune systems, and freshwater lakes.

Scenic Highway 30-A winds along the coast and connects the villages of Dune Allen Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, WaterColor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Camp Creek, Seacrest Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Inlet Beach.

The landscape is stunning and is the only ecosystem of its kind in the world. Collectively, the area is known as the “Beaches of South Walton”. South Walton refers to the southern portion of Walton County Florida, below the Choctawhatchee (chock-tuh-hatch-ee) Bay.

What makes Grayton Beach special?
The locals! Grayton Beach is an historic town, one of the oldest beach towns in the Southeast. It is a free-willed and free-spirited place that is hard to describe in words. It first belonged to the Choctaw Indians, then American pioneers braving sandy trails, mosquitoes, and wild hogs. Present-day Grayton Beach is made up mostly of southern folks and their descendants who came to Grayton to get away from it all. Irony has brought it all back to them in the form of vacationers and real estate speculators. Not long ago it wasn’t uncommon for there to be more dogs than people in Grayton. Old-timers like to tell tales about times gone by when a strange car coming into town was an unusual event.

How do I get to Grayton Beach?
If you’re flying, you will arrive at either the Fort Walton Beach Airport to the West or Panama City Airport to the East. Both are an easy hour drive from Grayton Beach. If you are driving or flying, check out our travel and driving directions.

What is the history of Grayton Beach?
Read about Grayton Beach history

What is there to do in Grayton Beach?
The beach itself is wide, with sand so bright and clean it sings under your feet. The Gulf is usually warm and clear. First-time visitors are often surprised that the water is clear, blue, and turquoise like the Caribbean. Western Lake in Grayton is one of the dozen or so freshwater lakes in the area that open periodically to the Gulf, providing an abundance of fish and marine life. The lake extends right to the beach and is a favorite place for families with young children, who can swim and play in the shallow lake adjacent the normally calm Gulf surf.

Where are the churches?
For a current list of Grayton Beach area churches visit churches directory.

What groups and organizations are there in Grayton Beach?
For a current list of Grayton Beach are groups & organizations visit groups & organization directory.

What about Grayton Beach Schools?
For current info on South Walton schools visit school directory.

When is the best time to visit Grayton Beach?
We get lots of questions about the best time of year in relation to the weather, water, red tide, insects, seaweed, festivals, etc. We’ve posted month by month descriptions of the weather and other local conditions on our “Weather Page”.

How do I catch fish in Grayton Beach?
It is not hard. All manner of live bait and artificial lures can be used both in the Gulf, lakes, rivers, and bay. There are several tackle shops where you can buy or rent equipment, and get the lowdown on what’s in season, and buy a fishing license.
Read more on our fishing page.

Where do I stay in or near Grayton Beach?
There are no hotels in Grayton Beach, but there are Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, motels and lots of homes & condos for rent all along Scenic 30A and South Walton Vacation Rentals.

Can I have a fire on the beach?
Yes, with the proper permit. Contact the South Walton Fire Department for more info.

Are dogs allowed on the beach?
Dogs used to rule Grayton Beach, now there are dog rules. Canine friends are no longer free to roam the beaches and bars. Walton County sells dog permits to landowners. The dogs must wear a tag and are allowed on the beach, only on a leash, between 6 PM and 8 AM during Daylight Savings time periods and between 3 PM and 9 AM during Standard time periods. Many tourists don’t know about the ordinance or ignore it, and assume that County officials wouldn’t want to offend the tourists they try so hard to attract, by giving them a citation.

Can I have a wedding or other party on the beach?
Yes, Check with Walton County for a permit requirement for groups of 50 or more.

Where are the public parks near Grayton Beach?
There are numerous parks in the area. Grayton Beach State Park offers camping, cabins, boating, fishing, hiking, and more. See our Parks page for details. Click here for a list of all public beach accesses in South Walton with maps, features, and videos.

What are the most popular places to dine in Grayton Beach?
Some of the finest restaurants in the Southeast can be found within a few miles of each other along Scenic 30-A. See our Dining page for listings.

What kind of jobs are available in Grayton Beach?
Most of the jobs in the area are based on our service economy: real estate related, construction, tourism, hospitality services, food services. As the area grows, we are seeing more permanent residents and the businesses that serve them.